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AS peo­ple – usu­ally peo­ple from York­shire – will tell you, it’s a smash­ing place.

The home of Emmerdale, Heart­beat and All Crea­tures Great and Small, we all know a bit about Eng­land’s big­gest county, but what has it given us?

To­day we look at some York­shire icons... YORK­SHIRE PUDDINGS In­vented by canny York­shire folk to make din­ner go fur­ther, a Sun­day roast with­out York­shires is plain wrong. Even South­ern­ers like them. In­ter­est­ingly, they’re not a real pud. But then Dr Fox is not a doc­tor and Pro­fes­sor Green isn’t a Pro­fes­sor. BEER Un­like the taste­less dish­wa­ter that pubs serve in the South, ale in York­shire is lively and full of flavour. Fa­mous brew­eries in­clude Black Sheep, Sam Smith’s based in Tad­caster and Ti­mothy Tay­lor, in Keigh­ley. LAST OF THE SUM­MER WINE Three old men ca­reer­ing down a hill in a bath on wheels. These days, an idea like that would get you thrown out of any TV ex­ec­u­tive’s of­fice. In 1973 the BBC snapped it up and ran it for 37 years. And in all that time they only needed THREE jokes! WENS­LEY­DALE CHEESE This is the cheese that Wal­lace and Gromit went to the Moon for. It’s that good. It’s cer­tainly bet­ter than a cheese that’s made across the Pen­nines near Bolton – Nob End Cheese was never go­ing to be a suc­cess? MICHAEL PARKIN­SON Pro­fes­sional Yorkie Parky will tell you at the drop of a hat why the place is so won­der­ful, which is why he lives in Wind­sor. But se­ri­ously, if you want a free pen just for en­quir­ing, he’s your man. TOUR DE YORK­SHIRE If you’ve been ex­cited by that pedal-fest across the Chan­nel re­cently, get thessen to York­shire where they have a real bike race. FAT LAD AT THE BACK Cy­cling clothes maker, Fat Lad at the Back (FLAB), might only be five years old but they have York­shire run­ning through their DNA. The Ilk­ley based com­pany has grown into one of the UK’s best loved cy­cling brands in just five short years, ex­port­ing to 42 coun­tries with 25% year-on-year growth. YORK­SHIRE TEA Launch­ing in 1977 as a ‘York­shire blend for York­shire peo­ple’ they have grown from a lo­cal brand to the UK’s sec­ond favourite brew with over 23 per cent of the do­mes­tic mar­ket, and ex­port glob­ally. BETTY’S TEA ROOMS The posh­est caff in the north of Eng­land, Betty’s Tea Rooms in Har­ro­gate caters for the re­fined tastes of the elite – and coach par­ties from More­cambe. TOI­LETS If you’re not shit­ting out of a win­dow, thank two York­shire men. Joseph Bramah, stopped toi­lets freeze in­win­ter and fa­mous toi­let de­signer, Thomas Crap­per, is York­shire too.

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