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a) Gabriel Je­sus b) Bernardo Silva c) Ser­gio Aguero d) David Silva 6. BRITS have been warned to get vac­ci­nated af­ter an epi­demic of what dis­ease reached eightyear record highs ac­cross Europe? a) Measles b) Dipthe­ria c) Ebola d) Whoop­ing Cough 7. WHICH TV pre­sen­ter and Ra­dio Host has ad­mit­ted that he is ‘de­pen­dent’ on booze, drink­ing up 70 units over six days a week? a) Adrian Dick­son b) Phillip Schofield c) Piers Mor­gan d) Adrian Chiles 8. A TOP econ­o­mist says what could soon wipe out thou­sands of jobs in the UK? a) EU b) ET c) AI d) STD 9. PRINCE Harry and Meghan are hav­ing a ro­man­tic break at the home of which celeb? a) Katie Price b) Arnie Sch­warzeneg­ger c) Kevin Spacey d) Ge­orge Clooney 10. A GOLD coin with first U.S. pres­i­dent Ge­orge Washington’s face on it has sold for how much? a) £1,300 b) £13,000 c) £130,000 d) £1,300,000 COU­PLES have opened up about their favourite SEX PO­SI­TIONS in a brand new sur­vey.

Beauty store Su­per­drug asked 994 peo­ple to name the sex po­si­tion that makes them feel the most ‘in love’ with their part­ners.

Some folk con­fessed that the stan­dard mis­sion­ary po­si­tion more than did the trick for them between the sheets.

How­ever, other cou­ples said they pre­ferred sex po­si­tions that were more geared to­wards oral sex.

Around 60 per cent of women opted for mis­sion­ary, with plenty in that cat­e­gory say­ing it pro­vided plenty of op­por­tu­nity for eye con­tact and touch­ing.

An­other sex po­si­tion pop­u­lar with cou­ples was ‘ cow­girl’, which bagged the sec­ond place spot.

A strong 28% of women com­mented that romp­ing in the cow­girl po­si­tion gives them the best or­gasms.

Women who were quizzed said that cow­girl or ‘girl on top’ al­lowed them to set the pace and an­gles of how they liked bonk­ing.

Com­ing in third place and dubbed the third most ro­man­tic move was the spoon­ing po­si­tion, with plenty of cou­ples nam­ing it as their top move.

Ap­prox­i­mately 15% of those quizzed chose the kinky cud­dling ma­noeu­vre as their favourite romp­ing po­si­tion.

Spoon­ing in­volves putting both bod­ies to­gether and, as the woman lifts her legs, there’s room for pen­e­tra­tion from be­hind.

Sur­pris­ingly, oral sex po­si­tions weren’t that pop­u­lar among those quizzed by Su­per­drug and failed to land a space in the top three.

De­spite the low rank­ing of oral sex po­si­tions, 5% of women said they found the ’ 69’ move the most in­ti­mate.

We asked three Sport stun­nas what their favourite po­si­tion was… FOR me, there’s noth­ing bet­ter than a 69. Giv­ing each other oral sex gives such plea­sure to ev­ery­one and it’s ba­si­cally a guar­an­teed or­gasm for me.

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