I feel sorry for pal whose wife I’m giv­ing a see­ing-to

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Dear Sam,

A FRIEND re­cently con­fided in me that his mis­sus was off sex and he has not shagged her for six months. I’ve known her for years and even though she’s 40, she’s still got a great body, with huge tits and a curvy arse. I must ad­mit that she has caused a bit of a stir­ring in my box­ers a few times when I’ve seen her. And I re­ally couldn’t fathom out why some­one with such a sexy body would not want to show off her as­sets in the bed­room. Any­way, the other day I saw her in the gro­cer’s store talk­ing to a cou­ple of lads who work there. One dashed out back laugh­ing to the other, say­ing he was go­ing to give her a good see­ing-to. When she saw me in the shop she blushed, as it was pretty ob­vi­ous I had heard what was go­ing on, but she still fol­lowed the other lad out back. The re­main­ing lad then told me it was com­mon knowl­edge that my pal’s wife puts it about a bit. He told me his mate of­ten boasted how he had spent the af­ter­noon shag­ging the arse off her. I could feel my­self get­ting hard as I lis­tened to all the dirty things he’d heard she’d done. A cou­ple of days later I got a shock when she came knock­ing at my door plead­ing with me not to tell her fella what I’d seen and heard.

I as­sured her that I wouldn’t and in­vited her in for a cup of cof­fee.

We chat­ted for a bit and it seemed to me she still wasn’t con­vinced that I’d keep my mouth shut about her af­fairs be­hind my pal’s back.

She came and sat next to me with plead­ing eyes and the next thing I knew I was kiss­ing her and my dick was rock-hard as I fon­dled her huge tits.


I soon had my hand up her skirt and a cou­ple of fin­gers in­side her thong and was slid­ing them in and out of her wet minge.

It was clear she was gag­ging for it, so I pushed her back on the couch with her legs over my shoul­ders and slid my thick cock all the way up her.

The more she moaned, the more I f**ked her and we did it all ends up. I gave her one from be­hind, I lapped at her drip­ping fanny as she sucked my hel­met in a 69 po­si­tion, then came over her face af­ter a tit-wank.

Now I feel sorry for her hus­band and I promised my­self that I wouldn’t be tempted to in­dulge in any more sex­ual ac­tiv­i­ties with her.

But it hasn’t turned out that way. Last week I went round to see my pal and she ended up giv­ing me a gob­ble while he was up­stairs asleep in bed.

As if that’s not enough, now there is an added com­pli­ca­tion to deal with. She has promised to drop the gro­cer boy and any­one else she’s been shag­ging if I agree to keep on f**king her.

I’m in a real quandary about what to do next. What do you think I should do?

TK, Wilts

Sam says…

YOUR cock is rul­ing your brain. Tell your pal to ditch his cheat­ing wife.

Dear Sam,

MY driv­ing in­struc­tor is dead fit. She’s 39 and I’m 18, but there was a chem­istry between us as soon as I got be­hind the wheel.

On my first les­son she looked great in a short skirt and a tight top that showed off a crack­ing pair of tits.

She sug­gested a drive out of town. We parked in a coun­try lane so I could have a go at three-point turns. I did a cou­ple and she said: “You de­serve a kiss for do­ing so well.”

As we were snog­ging, she started to feel my grow­ing cock.

She re­clined her seat and I slipped off her knickers. Then I lifted her top and sucked on her tits as I fin­gered her soak­ing pussy to or­gasm.

On my next les­son I eased my­self up her love-hole. I pulled out just be­fore I cli­maxed and shot my load all over those sen­sa­tional tits of hers.

My driv­ing – and also my shag­ging – is com­ing on a treat, but she says I’m ready to take my driv­ing test.

But I don’t want give up my lessons and I think I’ll try to fail so that I can carry on shag­ging. What do you think?

DV, Northants

Sam says…

DON’T foul up your test, it’s a life les­son. And go and use your ex­pe­ri­ence on some­one your own age.

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