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ca­su­ally started to strip.

“Then they looked at me as if ex­pect­ing me to be im­pressed.

“To be hon­est there was not a lot to be im­pressed by. They weren’t by any means tiny but they weren’t ex­actly huge.

“They were both on the flop and one was about two inches and the other about three. RUS­SIAN DROOPS: Boshi­rov and Rus­lan head off in mur­der bid about five inches then.

“I put con­doms on them and the one with the beard ma­noeu­vred him­self be­hind me while the other one got in front and stuffed his knob in my mouth.

“Soon I felt the other guy po­si­tion his cock at the en­trance to my hole.

“I love three­somes and was al­ready pretty turned on so he slipped in eas­ily.

“Then they were thrust­ing away at each end and laugh­ing and jok­ing. But then the one shag­ging me started to lose his hard-on and pulled out.

“The one that I was suck­ing laughed and said some­thing to his pal in Rus­sian that was clearly an in­sult.

“Soon they were shout­ing at each other. They were so loud that some­one banged on the door to com­plain.

“I sat on the bed while they sorted it out and 30 min­utes later we tried again. This time nei­ther of them could get it up.

“I was suck­ing and lick­ing, teas­ing and touch­ing for an hour but it was no good. They stayed floppy.

“Even though I’d only been there for two hours they paid the full three hours and asked me to leave. I guess the fact they were go­ing to kill some­one in cold blood the next day might have UN­IM­PRESSED: Mar­i­anne says the killers had be­low av­er­age cocks, which got soft dur­ing romp at their ho­tel ( been on their mind.

“Or maybe it was all the vodka and weed, but what­ever it was they weren’t up to much.”

Mar­i­anne thought lit­tle of her en­counter with the pair un­til she saw them in­ter­viewed on Rus­sian tele­vi­sion deny­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity and say­ing they were on in Sal­is­bury to visit the fa­mous cathe­dral.

The Skri­pals both sur­vived the at­tempt but Dawn Sturgess, 44, later died af­ter find­ing the dis­carded per­fume bot­tle the killers used to trans­port the novi­chok.

Mar­i­anne said: “I was to­tally shocked and felt sick. They could have killed me. I’m lucky to be alive.”

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