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CHOKER: Piers and Susanna on live TV yes­ter­day babe Susanna Reid al­most CHOKED when co-host Piers Mor­gan started talk­ing about STRAP-ONS. Susanna, 47, splut­tered her morn­ing cup of tea onto her frock af­ter 5 3-year-old Piers made a filthy in­nu­endo live on telly. The pair were de­bat­ing what women want from a man when con­tro­ver­sial Piers launched into a tirade. He said: “Women ba­si­cally want men to stop hav­ing sex with them and stop be­ing men. And they ba­si­cally want them to just be lit­tle door­mats.

“You know what I think the real prob­lem was? When men be­gan us­ing those strap-on things…that they carry ba­bies around in.”

But the phrase ‘strap on’ was too much for Susanna who was left strug­gling with her cuppa.

Piers was then forced to cor­rect him­self and added: “Not THOSE strap on things, Susanna!”

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