Dear Bexie,

MY wife and I are both in our early 50s and we’ve al­ways en­joyed a pretty “nor­mal” sex life.

But re­cently she’s been sug­gest­ing some filthy things to do in the bed­room.

The other day I came home from work to find her wear­ing an all-in-one PVC suit with just her tits and fanny on show.

To be hon­est, the sight of her 15-stone fig­ure in that get-up put me right off my din­ner.

How do I break it to my wife that her new-found kink­i­ness is do­ing ab­so­lutely noth­ing for me, sex­u­ally? HK, Glocs

Bexie says…

DON’T be such a bloody old prude! Why don’t you just give it a try? You may be in for a pleas­ant sur­prise, and quite en­joy it.

Dear Bexie,

I WAS round at my mate’s house the other day and he made a cup of soup for his new girl­friend.

He’s only just met her and she’s a right cracker – she’s a busty blonde with long legs and big, cock-suck­ing lips.

So he called me in to the kitchen and said: “Watch this,” as he stirred the luke­warm soup with his cock!

Then he winked at me as his girl sipped at it and then gob­bled it down all the way.

I don’t think this girl de­serves this king of treat­ment and I reckon my pal’s a bit of a prick, to be hon­est with you.

Should I say some­thing to his bird? EW, Bucks

Bexie says…

HE is a prick – but don’t kid your­self that you’ll be spoon­ing this girl if you tell her any­thing.

Dear Bexie,

I CAN’T stop beat­ing my meat off to porn.

I’ve ditched watch­ing nor­mal shows and films com­pletely and now all I do is have my sausage in my hand when I come home from work and I ei­ther turn the lap­top on or put my smart TV on a good porn site, and away I go.

Some­times I’ll w*nk my­self stupid un­til around 2am.

I’ve even missed days at work be­cause I can’t stop bash­ing the bishop.

Is this nor­mal? GW, Kent

Bexie says…

NO, it’s about time you took your­self in hand…so to speak!

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