I had un­ex­pected play while wife was away


I’M a 27-year-old mar­ried fa­therof-two and last week­end I was left with the kids as my mis­sus had gone off to visit some rel­a­tives.

I de­cided to go to a hol­i­day park. Once we were there the kids, aged five and seven, were in their el­e­ment and I no­ticed that they had made new friends.

I was sit­ting on a bench and the other kids’ mother – a great­look­ing bird – sat down next to me and started chat­ting.

It turned out she was in the same po­si­tion as me as her man was away on busi­ness.

We de­cided to go for a meal that night at the on­site restau­rant and ar­ranged babysit­ters.

She looked great in her slinky, low-cut dress and the red wine got her go­ing.

We went back to her cabin, paid off the sit­ter and got down to it.

She pulled her dress up over her head to re­veal a pair of fab­u­lous breasts that I guess were about 36D.

She peeled down her thong to re­veal a true blonde thatch and pulled down my zip, let­ting my throb­bing cock spring to life.

I bonked her over the sofa un­til she screamed.

Now I’m back home with the mis­sus, I feel rot­ten.

What can I do?

Kelly says…

TH, Dorset TAKE your wife next time, love-rat.

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