Break­down babes left me with a bill


Dear Kelly,

WHILE driv­ing home from work with a col­league, we were forced into a di­ver­sion through the coun­try­side.

We were un­lucky enough to get stuck in a queue of traf­fic be­hind a bro­ken-down lorry along a nar­row lane.

Soon our at­ten­tion wan­dered to two gor­geous big-boobed blondes in a big 4x4 ve­hi­cle be­hind us.

Some­how in the traf­fic jam they had man­aged to roll into the back of my car and the dam­age was fairly ex­ten­sive.

The driver, who was older than her cute pas­sen­ger, was very apolo­getic. While check­ing the dam­age, she bent over and showed off her pert back­side.

I was soon fully revved up and she im­me­di­ately no­ticed my throb­bing gear­stick.

She gave me a kiss, grabbed my crotch then led me into the nearby field and soon I was rear-end­ing her.

Then she clamped her lips around my shiny hel­met un­til I shot my love-juice over her heav­ing breasts.

As we re­turned to our cars I could hear a horn blast­ing, and I as­sumed it was the cars be­hind get­ting im­pa­tient.

Then I saw that it was my mate hav­ing his dick ser­viced by the younger blonde, and his knee kept hit­ting the horn.

I was shocked as my bird said that her daugh­ter was do­ing it all wrong – and she stepped in and brought him off with her own gob.

The jam cleared soon after, but as we drove home I re­alised that we hadn’t swapped in­sur­ance de­tails. Now I have a whop­ping re­pair bill to pay.

Kelly says…

SOUNDS cheap at the price.

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