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c) New York d) San Fran­cisco 6. BAILED-OUT bank RBS’s boss has said it would take how long for peo­ple to trust it again after re­ceiv­ing £45bn of tax­pay­ers’ money and be­ing in­volved in a string of scan­dals? a) 2 years b) 5 years c) 10 years d) Never 7. WARDERS in 90 male pris­ons are to be armed with what to help com­bat an alarm­ing rise in drug­fu­elled vi­o­lence? a) Tasers b) Pep­per spray c) Cross­bows d) Guns 8. PRINCESS Eu­ge­nie is get­ting mar­ried on Fri­day. Who is she mar­ry­ing? a) Lord Pon­sonby Fondle­boy b) Quentin Chol­mond­ley c) En­gle­bert DeVere d) Jack Brooks­bank 9. A ZOOKEEPER has been mauled to death in Ja­pan by what? a) A white lion b) A po­lar bear c) A white tiger d) A brown bear 10. FACE­BOOK made £1.2bn last year. How much UK tax did it pay on that? a) £7.4m b) £74m c) £740m d) £7.40p I’LL of­ten send the bloke I’m dat­ing a naughty photo be­fore he comes round – then when he gets here he’s al­ready as hard as a rock and we can get down to busi­ness! I’VE filmed my­self giv­ing a fella a blowjob and I’ve re­cently filmed my­self shag­ging – it turns me on to watch it back. It’s like my own pri­vate porn col­lec­tion! MORE than a THIRD of all cou­ples have ad­mit­ted film­ing them­selves SHAG­GING us­ing their PHONES.

In a new sur­vey, which shows how tech­nol­ogy has swept the world, Il­lic­itEn­coun­ters.com showed the ef­fect smart­phones are hav­ing on sex lives.

Il­lic­itEn­coun­ters.com, the UK’s lead­ing dat­ing site for mar­ried peo­ple, quizzed 1,000 folk about their bonk­ing habits.

A third of cou­ples have filmed them­selves hav­ing sex, while a whop­ping 52 per cent have ex­changed steamy pic­tures of each other as a form of fore­play.

Three-quar­ters of those sur­veyed said they have used their phone to en­hance their sex lives, ei­ther by mak­ing or view­ing erotic footage.

How­ever, some an­swers showed how phones can have a neg­a­tive ef­fect on a romp, with more than a quar­ter of re­spon­dents ad­mit­ting to an­swer­ing their phone dur­ing sex.

Around 18% had made a phone call while get­ting jiggy and a fifth had stripped off or wanked off while on a video call to their other half.

The study found that peo­ple hav­ing af­fairs were even more likely to use their phones for sex, with four out of ten peo­ple cheat­ing on their part­ners hav­ing filmed them­selves bonk­ing their lovers.

Peo­ple be­ing un­faith­ful were also more likely to in­dulge in sex play on their phones with their lover than they would with their spouse.

Two-thirds of re­spon­dents said their smart­phones made it eas­ier for

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