Wife and her pals love to play with my model cock!


Dear Ashleigh,

RE­CENTLY, more for nov­elty than any­thing sex­u­ally kinky, my wife and I in­vested a de­cent amount of money in a “mould-a-willy” kit. This get-up en­ables a man to make a life­size replica of his own cock us­ing plas­ter of Paris and mould­ing rub­ber. With­out want­ing to sound mas­sively big-headed, I was rather proud of the model, as it put my wife’s other sex toys in the shade. Me and my wife had hours of fun as I used my real cock on her back­side and frigged away with the rub­ber one on her muff. The other week she went to a sex toys party at a friend’s house and took my plas­ter cock along with her for a laugh.


But when she got home, she said all her mates were hooked on the idea and asked if we could make at least an­other half-dozen to sell to her friends.

I said OK as long as she put on a show for me with all the great naughty gear she’d bought at the party.

Soon she was in a tiny maid’s out­fit, white fish­nets and sus­penders suck­ing on my man­hood while I de­liv­ered my fake cock up her pussy.

Then I put our friend to one side and gave her a proper shaft­ing with the real thing.

She’d soon sold all the moulded willies we made and I started to get know­ing smiles and cheeky com­ments from women in the vil­lage.

One even in­sisted on tak­ing me down the back fields and get­ting a taste of the real thing.

She sucked so hard on my cock it was painful and then she de­manded I do her doggy-style out in the open.

Since then I’ve had hot sex with nearly all my wife’s friends.

My mis­sus doesn’t mind and wants to go on sell­ing my cock dil­dos.

But I’ve al­ready had one an­gry run-in with a fu­ri­ous hus­band and now I am be­gin­ning to re­gret the whole thing.

SD, east York­shire

Ashleigh says…

HOW much are you charg­ing for them? I’d re­ally like a go on one my­self.

Dear Ashleigh,

MY girl­friend is gor­geous but she is also into en­er­getic bondage.

She’s had me parad­ing round naked with a lead around my neck, and I’ve been forced to bark and beg for sex.

I have to lap wa­ter from a bowl at the foot of the bed be­fore she’ll let me give her a tongu­ing, and all this palaver is get­ting me down when all I want is a straight­for­ward shag.

For the past week at bed­time she has tied me up to the bed­post be­fore suck­ing my cock.

It turns me on, but at times I feel hu­mil­i­ated. What can I do?

Ashleigh says…

PD, Es­sex NOTH­ING, I’m afraid. She won’t change now.

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