Rugby play­ers gave me a good ruck­ing!

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Dear Kelly, I’M a divorcee and I’ve just re­turned from a hol­i­day in Ma­jorca – where I met an­other lady of a sim­i­lar age. She’d been a few times be­fore and I was amazed at how many times she’d made it with younger men. On our sec­ond night we got pretty tipsy in a bar and ended up in the apart­ment of a cou­ple of rugby play­ers who were on a club jaunt. My new friend quickly got to grips with the dark-haired one, while I was mas­saged by his hunky blond mate. I’d for­got­ten just how won­der­ful it is to be touched like that by a man. As he ca­ressed me, my stud as­sured me that I had a great body. He tweaked my nip­ples and they re­sponded by hard­en­ing. I let out a lit­tle gasp when he ran his tongue over each of them in turn. His hand then wan­dered down to my soak­ing panties and he slid his fingers gen­tly in­side me.

I cli­maxed al­most im­me­di­ately and as I was still re­cov­er­ing he slipped his mas­sive erec­tion into my pul­sat­ing pussy.

I was in a dream­world as I reached heights of ec­stasy I had never en­joyed with my hus­band.

My blond fella was pump­ing into me with such force that I screamed out.


I’d had my eyes closed through­out, but when I opened them I saw my new-found pal right up close as she was be­ing taken from be­hind by her fella.

Swept along by the mood of the mo­ment, I reached out and grabbed her breasts as they swung be­neath her.

As I rubbed her tit­ties, she low­ered her­self to­wards me and I snogged her, vig­or­ously thrust­ing my tongue in­side her mouth to meet hers. I’d never en­joyed such dirty sex.

Af­ter our fel­las had spent their seeds in­side us they took a breather while my pal and I got into the 69 po­si­tion so that we could lick each other out.

Af­ter this we swapped part­ners and her fella shagged me and the blond hunk did her.

My pussy took a real pound­ing but I loved ev­ery minute of it and had an­other mind-blow­ing or­gasm.

Once it was over the lads left, leav­ing me in the arms of my new mate.

But now I’m home I’m wor­ried I might have de­vel­oped les­bian ten­den­cies. What do you think?

TR, Birm­ing­ham

Kelly says…

DON’T worry, you’ve just been re-awak­ened to the real joys of sex. Dear Kelly, I WORK be­hind the bar in a pub and a cou­ple of weeks ago my boss said he would pay me £1,000 if he could film him­self shag­ging me.

I wasn’t sure at first but I re­ally needed some ex­tra money, so I agreed.

Af­ter work that night, we went back to his flat and he had ev­ery­thing al­ready set up to film our ses­sion.

I started off by giv­ing him a blowjob be­fore he pulled out and shot his load over my boobs.

Af­ter I’d worked him back to hard­ness, he f**ked me from be­hind.

A week later he of­fered me an­other grand if I’d sleep with him and two of his mates.

At one point I had a dick in my mouth, arse and fanny at the same time.

The only prob­lem is that I have still not been paid for ei­ther ses­sion.

But my boss as­sured me that he would hon­our our agree­ment and wrote a cheque for £2,000.

But when I went to cash my cheque, it bounced!

And then when I com­plained to my boss, he just smiled and said if I didn’t stop moaning I’d be sacked.

What can I do? GT, Devon

Kelly says…

SOUNDS like you’ve been taken for a ride – in more ways than one. My ad­vice to you is find a new job.

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