GP is just what the love doc­tor or­dered!

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I USED to be a cheer­ful per­son, but since my hubby went off SEX two years ago, I’ve been more and more down – un­til I be­came a right MIS­ERY. So I de­cided to go and see my doc­tor to see if I could get some of those “happy pills” to cheer me up. My GP lis­tened while I blubbed my eyes out, telling him how I hadn’t had sex in ages. As I talked he gen­tly stroked and pat­ted my knee to com­fort me while say­ing sooth­ing things about how I was still very at­trac­tive and that it sounded like it was my hubby who had the prob­lem, not me. it’s the same one I find my­self in. My wife just isn’t in­ter­ested in sex. I miss the touch of an­other hu­man.”

Then sud­denly we were snog­ging each other’s faces off. He had a beard, which was a bit scratchy, but it was so nice to be wanted by some­one that I could feel my knickers flood­ing with my juices.

The next minute, he had me up on his ex­am­i­na­tion ta­ble, knickers down and legs spread. He put his face re­ally close to my fanny and breathed in my scent.

“In my pro­fes­sional opin­ion, there’s def­i­nitely noth­ing wrong with you,” he said, wink­ing.

Then he climbed on top of me, pulled his cock out through his fly and stuck it deep into me, fill­ing ev­ery inch of my ea­ger pussy.

We f**ked each other to three or­gasms be­fore the receptionist buzzed his room to see why he was run­ning half an hour late with his ap­point­ments.

As we quickly dressed, he told me that he couldn’t shag me again un­less I changed doc­tors be­cause what he’d just done could land him in an aw­ful lot of pro­fes­sional trou­ble.

Well, I’ve now reg­is­tered with a dif­fer­ent doc­tor’s surgery and my old GP comes round and gives me a dose of his own form of hap­pi­ness at least three times a week!

Ava says…

DA, Corn­wall SOUNDS like your old doc­tor was very naughty! What he did could most def­i­nitely get him into a lot of trou­ble.

I’d tell you to re­port him, but it sounds like he’s just what the doc­tor or­dered!

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