Sex with the merry widow is killing me!

Midweek Sport - - #POSTER BABE -

I’M a 46-year-old bloke and I’ve been bang­ing a widow 10 years older than me for the last three months.

I met her in my lo­cal and she al­ways came over as friendly and happy – me and my mates had got to call­ing her the “Merry Widow”.

I asked her out and we started dat­ing, go­ing for a few quiet meals and drinks to­gether, stuff like that, be­fore we fi­nally got down to do­ing the busi­ness in her bed.

And was de­lighted to find that she’s a real dirty cow in the bed­room.

My pre­vi­ous girl­friends had been a bit dull in re­gards to sex, only lik­ing it the mis­sion­ary po­si­tion.

So I didn’t re­ally know there was more to bonk­ing than I’d been get­ting.

But I soon found out as the Merry Widow en­cour­aged me to lick her out and shag her up the bum.

I once did it five times in a night and I ended up with quite a sore dick!

She also loves be­ing tied up and spanked and al­ways begs me to come on her face and tits.

And she of­ten dresses in sussies and all the gear and rides me to obliv­ion.

She has a stash of porn DVDs and likes to get up in the kinki­est gear and sit and watch it with me, play­ing with my cock all the while and from time to time sug­gest­ing we do a po­si­tion we’ve seen on the screen. It all sounds like it’s per­fect, doesn’t it? My only worry is, she’s al­most killing me with all her sex­ual de­mands.

Ava says…

CM, Leeds STOP moan­ing! Most men would love to be in your po­si­tion!

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