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He also said he un­der­stood why I couldn’t use a vi­bra­tor to plea­sure my­self be­cause it couldn’t tease me be­fore­hand and cud­dle me af­ter­wards.

His warm palm tin­gled through my skirt and the skin on my thigh felt all hot. I could feel the warmth spread­ing up to my pussy and my fanny lips swelled with blood and opened up like a flower in bloom.

I could feel the heat spread­ing up my body un­til my cheeks flushed and my eyes sparkled.

My doc looked into my eyes, smiled, and said: “The rea­son I can be so sym­pa­thetic to your sit­u­a­tion is be­cause MY mis­sus has got a bad back and we’ve had to get some home help in.

We’ve read about these “nude” clean­ing and house­work ser­vices and joked about hav­ing a wo­man a cou­ple of days a week for me to ogle, and a fit bloke for her.

When my wife said she’d ar­ranged it I thought I’d be see­ing a nude wo­man parad­ing around our gaff.

Any­way, I had been get­ting up early for work and get­ting home late, so it was a few days be­fore I was in­tro­duced to her – or should I say HIM…

Be­cause the mis­sus had got a stu­dent lad in!

That was OK, but the next day I sneaked home early and there he was stark­ers do­ing the chores.

Then the wife walked in and started fid­dling with his dick, be­fore they went at it on the floor.

I slipped away and came back the next day to watch a re­peat per­for­mance.

This time I ad­mit I had a quick wank while he had his head be­tween her legs, then screwed her hard and fast from be­hind.

I should be an­gry but the sex is sud­denly so much bet­ter with my wife, and I’m loath to point out her back seems a lot bet­ter.

What should I do?

Ava says…

SACK the lad and clean up your­self, you lazy pig!

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