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a) LSD b) Cannabis c) Ke­tamine d) Co­caine 6. BREXIT can now be ‘can­celled’, as an ECJ judge says what can be uni­lat­er­ally re­voked? a) Ar­ti­cle 10 b) Ar­ti­cle 20 c) Ar­ti­cle 50 d) Ar­ti­cle 100 7. WHICH singer re­vealed his twin brother, Ben, still re­fuses to talk to him af­ter nearly a decade-long feud? a) Olly Murs b) Phil Collins c) Harry Styles d) El­ton John 8. BUSI­NESS ty­coon Mike Ash­ley says he wants to sell what by the end of this year? a) House of Fraser b) Sports Di­rect c) New­cas­tle United d) His own granny 9. A MED­I­CAL study warns the risks of what con­tro­ver­sial drug out­weigh the ben­e­fits for mil­lions of heart pa­tients? a) Aspirin b) Vi­a­gra c) Statins d) Ramipril 10. WHICH ac­tion movie star an­nounces a speak­ing tour of Aus­tralia af­ter fac­ing mul­ti­ple ac­cu­sa­tions of sex­ual ha­rass­ment in the US? a) Sylvester Stal­lone b) Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger c) Jackie Chan d) Steven Sea­gal

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