Self­ish mates use me as sex ob­ject

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I’M a 21-year-old sin­gle girl and I’m lucky enough to have a wide cir­cle of friends. Even though most of them are fel­las, we go out club­bing every week­end and have a great time. There are 10 of us – three girls and seven lads – and I have to ad­mit we of­ten get pretty blitzed and end up do­ing some wild things to­gether. But just lately, I feel that some of my male mates are sim­ply us­ing me for sex. seven-incher into me from be­hind and be­gan pound­ing away.

It was pretty good and I or­gasmed twice be­fore he cli­maxed. But once he’d fin­ished, he left.

The next night an­other of the fel­las called and we ended up hav­ing oral with each other.

But again, he shot off to the pub as soon as he’d come.

The fol­low­ing week I was feel­ing re­ally fed up be­cause I hadn’t been out when two of the guys called and we all ended up naked on my bed.

I sucked one of them off while his chum gave me a good licking and then they swapped places.

The pair of them then pro­ceeded to shag me like there was no to­mor­row.

It went on for ages, each of them tak­ing turns to fill my pussy.

I had or­gasm af­ter or­gasm un­til I had to beg them to stop be­cause I couldn’t take it any more.

Even then they weren’t fin­ished. They wanked them­selves fu­ri­ously over the top of me be­fore squirt­ing their spunk all over my face.

I thought I was at least go­ing to get some re­ward for my ef­forts when one bloke sug­gested go­ing to the pub for a drink.

But when I said I would love to, they said it was a “lads’ night” and left.

I feel re­ally pissed off about the way they are treat­ing me.

What shall I do?

Kelly says…

BD, Som­er­set YOU’RE spot on when you say they are us­ing you. Next time they call, tell them to f**k off!

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