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WEL­COME to the World fa­mous Sport Agony page! No other news­pa­per’s agony aunts can of­fer the level of ad­vice – or ex­pe­ri­ence – than our own Agony An­gels! This week SAM TYE has been read­ing through your let­ters. And here’s her ad­vice for you…

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Dear Sam,

I AM an at­trac­tive di­vorcee in my early 30s. Since my hus­band left I hardly go out, but a friend en­cour­aged me to so­cialise more. It was on a night at my lo­cal so­cial club that I met my man. We hit it off from the be­gin­ning, although I was a bit cau­tious when it came to sex. But af­ter a lovely din­ner and a few drinks, I in­vited him back to my place. His fore­play was won­der­ful. He teased me with his fin­gers and then his ag­ile tongue played against my cli­toris un­til I was beg­ging him to en­ter me.


He thrust deeply in­side me, mak­ing me squeal with de­light, and I watched with ever in­creas­ing ec­stasy his big cock slid­ing in and out of me.

And when we reached or­gasm he was so big and hard I felt the whole of me be­ing filled.

Af­ter­wards we lay in each other’s arms, then he apol­o­gised for not be­ing able to stay.

I was a bit sus­pi­cious, think­ing maybe he was mar­ried.

When I cleared up the clothes I’d left be­hind, I was puz­zled when I couldn’t find my panties but de­cided it was noth­ing to worry about.

The next time he came round we took things more leisurely, un­dress­ing each other in the dim light of the bed­side lamp.

I was al­ready naked as I came to lower his trousers. Un­der­neath, to my shock, he was wear­ing my knick­ers, stretched to the limit by the most enor­mous erec­tion.

He laughed and said he wore them to re­mind him of me, but again I was left feel­ing slightly un­easy.

That soon passed as he again soft­ened me up with his amaz­ing fore­play.

He gen­tly nib­bled on my erect nip­ples be­fore eas­ing his tongue all the way down my body to tease my aching fanny.

Fi­nally, he raised my legs high in the air and thrust hard into me.

We had the most won­der­ful sex and he brought me to the brink of cli­max over and over.

A few days later we met again and this time I pressed him to show me his home.

He seemed a bit ret­i­cent but he agreed. He lives in a very well-kept apart­ment which he bought af­ter split­ting with his own wife.

In his bed­room I could not help but no­tice a partly open drawer and in­side were about 20 pairs of silky smalls.

When I con­fronted him, he ad­mit­ted that he liked to keep and wear me­men­tos of past lovers.

Now I feel I could be dis­carded just as eas­ily. Am I wor­ry­ing too much?

SD, Sus­sex

Sam says…

I WOULDN’T worry. He ob­vi­ously loves his women and just has a harm­less lit­tle fetish.

Dear Sam,

I’M a plumber and I’ve lost count of the women who’ve of­fered me sex in their homes.

For some rea­son they seem ob­sessed with my tools and can’t wait to get hold of my plunger.

One woman asked to be taken from be­hind with a loo seat over her head and an­other took an un­healthy in­ter­est in a U-bend.

But now I’m a lit­tle bit more choosy about whose wa­ter­works I check.

Gen­er­ally, birds in posh houses are the most horny. They of­ten have a lot of time on their hands as their hus­bands work long hours.

I re­mem­ber in­stalling a bath for a woman in a se­lect area of town.

Within min­utes she reached into my sack and started play­ing with my pipe.

I took the gor­geous blonde from be­hind, had my dick sucked, and then watched her mas­tur­bate with the plunger.

On an­other oc­ca­sion I went to a house to plumb in a washer when I was greeted by two sexy brunettes in their 30s.

It wasn’t long be­fore I was shag­ging one doggy-style while the other licked her mate out.

My job is the best. Do you agree? WF, Dorset

Sam says…

YES. But be care­ful you don’t wear out that plunger!

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