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I HAVE an amaz­ing girl­friend but none of my friends like her and refuse to hang out with me when I am with her.

We have been to­gether for six months and I re­ally think she could be the one – the sex is amaz­ing, there’s noth­ing she won’t do in bed, and we get on re­ally well.

She met my friends a few months back and I was des­per­ate to show her off when we all had a night out in a club.

I got smashed and don’t re­mem­ber a thing, but the next day my mates said how she was try­ing it on with them all and try­ing to put her hands down their trousers.

My girl­friend de­nied all of it, and she re­ally isn’t the type of girl to do any­thing like that, but my mates won’t change their minds. They say she is not right for me and I’ll end up get­ting hurt.

What should I do? PC, Nor­folk BC, South­port WHY would your friends make it up? Looks like you’ll have to choose – your girl­friend or your mates. I HAVE a huge prob­lem with a bit of a weird fetish. I like to be tied up and spanked by the op­po­site sex – and I think about it all the time.

I have met a few mis­tresses who have sim­i­lar sex­ual tastes to me and I have re­ally loved it when they have given me a good can­ing.

I am re­ally get­ting into it, but now I am scared that peo­ple at work or friends may find out.

I al­ways hide my whip marks, but we had a works foot­ball match the other week and I was ter­ri­fied to have a shower after the game in case my col­leagues saw the marks.

I al­ways hide them, but I’m still wor­ried they will be seen one day.

I don’t know what to do? JUST carry on en­joy­ing your­self – we all have lit­tle kinky se­crets!

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