Mas­sages swell my cock – and our bank balance

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Dear Ash­leigh,

I HAVE a poorly-paid job in on the check­out of a su­per­mar­ket and the wife and I have been skint lately.

To her credit, she of­fered to go out and get a bar job at nights to bring in some ex­tra cash.

I have to ad­mit I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but she told me not to worry and that she’d be fine.

I’d just man­aged to get my head round it when I bumped into a friend of hers who shocked me by ask­ing how the mis­sus was do­ing in the mas­sage par­lour!

That night when she got in about 1.30am, I con­fronted her. She ad­mit­ted what had been go­ing on and I hit the roof.

But I calmed down a bit when she said she earned about £200 a shift.

Then she de­scribed some of the “ser­vices” she pro­vided – hand re­lief, oral and full sex.

As she spoke, I be­gan to get aroused and soon had a stiffy.

What fol­lowed was amaz­ing. She took off my clothes and told me to lie on my stom­ach.

Then she stripped to her bra and panties and be­gan to rub this sweet-smelling oil on me.

By this time my knob was gag­ging for it, and she took a grip of it as she rolled me over.

She traced her tongue along its length be­fore re­mov­ing her panties and eas­ing her­self on to me.

Soon she built up a rhythm and it took all my self-con­trol to avoid early ejac­u­la­tion.

I was in heaven, and 10 min­utes later we both came to a shud­der­ing cli­max.

Since then we’ve had great sex, but I’m still ashamed that she’s hav­ing to do this job be­cause I can’t earn enough. What should I do?

KD, Birm­ing­ham

Ash­leigh says…

CARRY on un­til you get a bet­ter job!

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