I’m us­ing lodger’s todger

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MY hus­band and I are strapped for cash and de­cided to raise money by tak­ing in a lodger. We ad­ver­tised in our lo­cal pa­per and even­tu­ally set­tled on a hunky young stu­dent.

Ev­ery­thing went well for the first few weeks, un­til one morn­ing after my hus­band had left for work. The lodger’s bed­room door was ajar and I could see him hav­ing a wank.

I was trans­fixed and must have let the door swing open a bit more be­cause he looked up and saw me star­ing. But in­stead of be­ing em­bar­rassed, he held my gaze. And, as if in a dream, I went into the room, sat on the bed and grabbed his man­hood.

I slowly bent over and took the tip of his mem­ber in my mouth. He gen­tly pressed me down un­til I had taken half his length in my throat. As his balls be­gan to tighten I eased up and slipped off my dressing gown and lay naked by him.

He pulled me on top of him and sucked my nip­ples as his hands ex­plored my moist pussy.

He parted my love-lips and gen­tly in­serted two, then three fin­gers while rub­bing my hard clit with his thumb.

After a few min­utes of this fin­ger-f**king I was on the edge of an or­gasm so I reached down, grabbed his huge knob and guided it in. There was still not a word said as I rode him un­til he emp­tied his juice into me.

I dressed and left him there and when he even­tu­ally came down we said noth­ing about it.

Now he waits de­lib­er­ately un­til my hus­band has gone to work and lies in his room un­til I go to him.

I don’t want to com­pli­cate things by form­ing any other kind of re­la­tion­ship. Do you think I am just us­ing him?

Kelly says….

SF, Manch­ester YES and he’s us­ing you! You’re both hav­ing fun, just make sure you don’t get caught

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