Screw nicked over her af­fair with in­mate


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COPS have ar­rested a prison guard who is ac­cused of hav­ing sex with an in­mate and plan­ning to marry him upon his re­lease.

Au­thor­i­ties nicked 31-year-old Kasey Gam­ble ( above), a cor­rec­tional of­fi­cer with the Ge­orge­town Co De­ten­tion Cen­ter in South Carolina.

She is charged with first-de­gree sex­ual mis­con­duct with an in­mate and mis­con­duct in of­fice.

In­ves­ti­ga­tors said dis­turb­ing in­for­ma­tion was pre­sented to jail bosses about a pos­si­ble re­la­tion­ship be­tween Gam­ble and a lag.

The sher­iff’s of­fice said the in­mate ad­mit­ted the re­la­tion­ship, say­ing he wrote let­ters to her, and the re­la­tion­ship had “been in­ti­mate”.

The sher­iff’s of­fice said af­ter a short time, Gam­ble even­tu­ally ad­mit­ted to her in­volve­ment with the in­mate and cor­rob­o­rated the ev­i­dence. RICH PICKINGS: Frank Lu­cas made a for­tune from heroin sourced from poppy fields in South­east Asia TEACHER: ‘Bumpy’ John­son Thai­land un­til they lo­cated Atkin­son’s main con­nec­tion and busi­ness part­ner, a Chi­nese-Thai man named Luetchi Ru­bi­wat.

Ru­bi­wat – also known by the code name “007” – con­trolled sev­eral hun­dred acres of poppy fields in the Golden Tri­an­gle, a dense jun­gle area on the bor­ders of Thai­land, Burma and Laos.

Next to the poppy fields were caves bored into the moun­tains, where pop­pies were pro­cessed into heroin.

On Lu­cas’ first trip, he bought 132 ki­los of high qual­ity heroin for £3,000 per unit. In Har­lem, he would have paid £30,000 for just a kilo from the Mafia.

The plan was to send ship­ments of heroin on mil­i­tary planes to mil­i­tary bases on the East­ern seaboard.

Out­ra­geously, much of the dope was stuffed into the coffins of dead US ser­vice­men, or even stuffed into the corpses them­selves.

Lu­cas would later tes­tify that he re­cruited a North Carolina car­pen­ter to build over two dozen gov­ern­men­tis­sued coffins with false bot­toms, big enough to load in six to eight ki­los of smack.

Be­cause he was get­ting nearly pure heroin di­rectly from the source, he was able to “cut” the drug at a higher level – usu­ally be­tween 10 and 12 per cent – when most street heroin was only about five to six per cent.

He hired young Asian women to mix the im­ported heroin with man­nite and qui­nine. To pre­vent theft, the women were en­tirely NAKED apart from breath­ing masks and plas­tic gloves.

To pro­tect his in­vest­ment, Lu­cas in­flicted bru­tal vi­o­lence on any­one who stood in his way, in­flict­ing fear in ad­ver­saries and in­spir­ing re­spect from friends and busi­ness part­ners.

And the money came pour­ing in. He of­ten bragged that he was mak­ing a mil­lion dol­lars a day.

He would laun­der the money, per­son­ally driv­ing large bags of bills to a bank in the Bronx where the bankers would count it and ex­change it for le­git­i­mate bills.

Bank ex­ec­u­tives would

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