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THE US will not stand a chance against Rus­sia and China should World War III break out, ad­vanced war­fare an­a­lysts have warned.

Non­profit global pol­icy think tank RAND has been per­form­ing sim­u­lated war sce­nar­ios – of­ten spon­sored by the Pen­tagon – to test how Amer­i­can forces would fare against the world’s other lead­ing mil­i­tary su­per­pow­ers.

Last week, RAND an­a­lysts re­vealed the US has suf­fered se­vere losses in these sce­nar­ios, de­spite spend­ing ONE TRIL­LION dol­lars an­nu­ally on the mil­i­tary, twice ex­ceed­ing the spend­ing of any other coun­try.

“In our games, when we fight Rus­sia and China, ‘blue’ gets its ass handed to it,’ re­searcher David Och­manek ex­plained at the Cen­ter for a New Amer­i­can Se­cu­rity.

US forces are usu­ally colour-coded blue in the sim­u­la­tions.

Though hy­po­thet­i­cal, the games warn the world or­der Amer­ica has fought to pro­tect for more than a cen­tury could be at risk.

The sim­u­lated con­flicts take place in all five do­mains of bat­tle – land, sea, air, space and cy­berspace.

Ac­cord to RAND, ‘red’ ag­gres­sor forces fre­quently burn US mil­i­tary bases to the ground, sink war­ships and take out cy­ber sys­tems.

Robert Work, a for­mer deputy sec­re­tary of de­fence and ex­pe­ri­enced war-gamer, ex­plained that Amer­ica’s F-35 fighter ( left) jet is the most ad­vanced of its kind in the sky, but is vul­ner­a­ble on the tar­mac.

He said: “It gets killed on the ground in large num­bers.”

Work and Och­manek both said China fo­cus on cy­berspace with ‘sys­tem destruc­tion war­fare’, which tar­gets Amer­i­can com­mu­ni­ca­tions satel­lites, com­mand-and-con­trol sys­tems, and wire­less net­works.

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