Busty bar­maid pulled more than a pint!

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A COU­PLE of weeks ago, a brand new busty bar­maid started work at my lo­cal pub. She’s in her mid-40s and is a typ­i­cal pint-puller – all tight skirts, low-cut tops and a face caked in make-up. I’m in the boozer most nights for a cou­ple of drinks and the “crack” with some of the lo­cals – any­thing to get away from the nag­ging wife for a few hours. One night, it was a bit quiet and as the bar­maid was pulling my sec­ond pint I re­alised I was the only cus­tomer in the place. She had a wicked grin on her face and told me to watch the bar for a minute while she went to the front door of the pub and locked it. I told her she’d get a bol­lock­ing from the land­lord, but she laughed and said he’d gone out for the night and wouldn’t be back un­til the early hours. Then she grabbed my wrist and led me up­stairs to the pri­vate quar­ters. She said it was ob­vi­ous that I wanted a shag and as she was feel­ing horny too, there was no point in mess­ing about. She leaned for­ward so her boobs spilled out of her top and rubbed them in my face. At the same time, I felt her fin­gers un­zip­ping my pants and she pulled out my cock and be­gan wank­ing it quite vig­or­ously.

Then she fell back­wards on to a sofa with her skirt pulled up and her panties down and skill­fully guided my knob into her pussy.

I hardly had time to do some serious shag­ging be­fore I’d shot my load.

She cried out in ec­stasy – but wasn’t sat­is­fied with that.

Soon she was suck­ing me hard again and I had to f**k her twice more be­fore she’d let me go!

Now she wants me to leave my wife and move in with her.

But I could never dump my mis­sus for such a brassy trol­lop.

What should I do? FIND an­other pub. TD, Leeds I’VE been dat­ing my girl­friend for three months. She’s 21 and blonde – with a crack­ing pair of tits.

She loves tak­ing it in every hole and she gives the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.

But, the best thing about her is her 39-year-old mum, who’s also blonde but bet­ter-look­ing with a nice fig­ure.

I’ve had loads of wanks about her since I caught her tak­ing off her clothes for a shower and saw her 36DDs in the flesh.

She ac­tu­ally gave me a cheeky smile and wig­gled her arse at me!

I’m torn be­tween mak­ing a move on her or telling my girl what her mum did.

BW, Dorset MAKE a move and see what hap­pens.. I’M a 23-year-old woman and I work in a pet shop. A cou­ple of weeks ago a man came in just as I was lock­ing up.

He said he was in­ter­ested in buy­ing a large, exotic snake. But af­ter a while it was HIS snake that I started to show an in­ter­est in!

I no­ticed a bulge de­vel­op­ing in his trousers as he seemed to be turned on by my sales pat­ter.

But I car­ried on and he slipped his hand into his pocket and I could see him play­ing with him­self.

I was get­ting a bit ex­cited my­self by that time, so I told him I would show him a few rep­tiles.

I led him to my back room, but I guess he must have twigged what I had in mind. MY wife and I went away on hol­i­day to Spain re­cently.

She’s 36 and pretty fit, but we don’t of­ten have sex these days.

On our first night, when we had fin­ished our meal, she said she felt tired and went back to the ho­tel room to get some sleep.

I said I would go for a beer in the town and try not to dis­turb her later.

In one bar I got talk­ing to a young English girl. She was flirty and of­fered to take me out­side with her.

On the beach, this gor­geous blonde babe went to work, licking and suck­ing on my length and cradling my balls in her hands as I lay on the sand.

Then I dropped to my knees to peel off her G-string with my teeth.

She had a bush that was trimmed neatly with a land­ing strip and I slid my tongue into her fanny.

Fi­nally, I bent her over and gave her a right good see­ing-to.

But imag­ine my sur­prise when I went down to break­fast the next morn­ing with the wife and found out the girl I had shagged was our wait­ress!

She blabbed to the wife, who’s now not talk­ing to me.

What shall I do?

Ash­leigh says…

SAY sorry and book an­other hol­i­day.

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