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NORTH­ERN will be in­tro­duc­ing an ad­di­tional com­pen­sa­tion scheme for those pas­sen­gers who trav­elled three or more days a week in April, May or June this year but who did not have a sea­son ticket.

The new scheme was an­nounced by Trans­port for the North.

This ad­di­tional scheme – which will be avail­able to those cus­tomers from next Tues­day (Oc­to­ber 9) – will pro­vide com­pen­sa­tion for dis­rupted rail services be­tween April 1 and June 30.

Mark Powles, com­mer­cial di­rec­tor at North­ern, said: “We are truly sorry for the in­con­ve­nience caused to our cus­tomers by the dis­rup­tion to their rail services ear­lier this year.

“We al­ready have a com­pen­sa­tion scheme in place for our sea­son ticket hold­ers, now, in part­ner­ship with Trans­port for the North, we will be in­tro­duc­ing a fur­ther scheme for reg­u­lar trav­ellers.”

To be el­i­gi­ble to claim, there are sev­eral re­quire­ments:

You trav­elled dur­ing pe­riod April/ May/June 2018

You trav­elled three or more days a week on your cho­sen route You trav­elled on el­i­gi­ble routes You were not a sea­son ticket holder dur­ing that pe­riod

You can show ev­i­dence of hav­ing trav­elled dur­ing that pe­riod.

This new scheme fol­lows the same ap­proach as the ex­ist­ing Sea­son Ticket Com­pen­sa­tion Scheme.

There will be two dif­fer­ent types of com­pen­sa­tion, de­pend­ing on whether jour­neys were taken on “Level 1” or “Level 2” routes:

Level 1 = min­i­mum of 12 days trav­elled in the pe­riod (above), up to a max­i­mum of 20

Level 2 = min­i­mum of 3 days trav­elled in the pe­riod (above), up to a max­i­mum of 5

Cus­tomers will be asked to pro­vide ev­i­dence that they trav­elled three or more days per week dur­ing the el­i­gi­ble pe­riod of April/May/June 2018.

For those cus­tomers who made dif­fer­ent jour­neys, a pre­dom­i­nant route will need to be cho­sen, to al­low North­ern to cal­cu­late the ap­pro­pri­ate amount com­pen­sa­tion due.

The ev­i­dence must be within a con­sec­u­tive 28 day pe­riod for Level 1 and a con­sec­u­tive seven day pe­riod for Level 2. For more in­for­ma­tion about the scheme, go to www.north­ern­rail­way.

In ad­di­tion to th­ese two spe­cial schemes for sea­son ticket hold­ers and reg­u­lar trav­ellers, cus­tomers are also re­minded about the De­lay Re­pay scheme.

De­lay Re­pay pro­vides com­pen­sa­tion for cus­tomers who are de­layed by 30 min­utes or longer on their jour­ney.

This scheme will be im­proved by De­cem­ber to com­pen­sate North­ern cus­tomers who ex­pe­ri­ence de­lays in ex­cess of 15 min­utes.

Visit www.north­ern­rail­­po­rate/com­pen­sa­tion-in­for­ma­tion

Pas­sen­gers with no sea­son tick­ets may now re­ceive com­pen­saton from North­ern

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