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The magazine has been sent a bundle of some of the newest releases from the superb, printed card scenery range by Battle Systems. First out of the pile is the Frontier Core Set: a sort of run down, space station (or large ship) gaming environmen­t. This gets you an SF, 28mm ‘scale’gaming setting with no painting whatsoever. How do they achieve this?

Well, firstly the box contains a printed, 600mm square Neoprene Mat. It’s not too thick but lays nice and flat and is well detailed with corridors and so forth. Along side that are push-out, die-cut sheets with 54 assorted walls (featuring all sorts of hatchways and doors where applicable); plus various sized roof/floor tiles; and lots of ‘furniture’ – and I don’t just mean tables and chairs (though there are some of those too).you get struts; ladders; assorted gantries and railings; grav-elevators; three staircases; plus some machinery like CO2 get a couple of conduits; some storage lockers, lots of door ways and airlocks plus a force field door; a pair of large wall displays; large and small cargo crates; consoles; a command table; control panels; five assorted chairs; wall lockers and work stations along with a reactor chamber and a couple of bunks.

The system is printed on very heavy card and held together with a wealth of grey plastic clips which means that the layout can be disassembl­ed and put back together for storage and transporta­tion with minimal fuss. Would I want to add some surface detail? Possibly. But you really don’t have to. This is just perfect for another of xenomorph hunt! Highly recommende­d.

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