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WWII Battalion Level gaming


Victrix have been making some waves with their excellent releases of 12mm WWII plastics – they seem to have new products out in this scale on a very regular basis – and they now have a new rule set to enable some big games to use their models. ‘O’ Group is a set of WWII battalion level rules designed to allow players to command a battalion sized force plus supports, or even a multiplaye­r game where each player can command a battalion as part of a larger battlegrou­p. The rules use command mechanisms that encourage the players to think about allocation of reserves not just the immediate action with the forces they see on the table. The rules include army lists for European theatre late war forces and are a soft cover, 100 page plus set.

Priced at £25, they appear to be a fairly straight forward, D6 based, opposing-roll type system and you can find out more – as we did – by looking them up on You Tube: watch?v=_rkbeixhhp4

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