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In the second of the boxes that Wargames Atlantic sent me this month is a treat less glamorous than the first but no less useful. In their World Ablaze range they have released their French Resistance – 1940-45 and what a great set they are.

The boxed set – again with some evocative artwork by Peter Dennis – has eight, hard plastic sprues, each enabling a build of four male figures. Although a recognised part of the Resistance – including the front line combat elements – there are no females in this boxed set which is understand­able when one looks at the percentage­s involved. What this box will get the gamer a mass of‘rank and file’ chaps with guns. And what would those weapons be? The 32 constructe­d partisans are equipped with rifles, grease guns, MP38/40S, Bren guns, Sten guns, grenades, pistols (a revolver and a Broomhandl­e Mauser), plus holstered pistols, a knife and other small kit.

There are four body types which are all quite generic with – basically – formal street clothes (so no one in shorts and so forth) but it means that the figures can be used in just so many environmen­ts, theatres and conflicts. The set also includes a wide variety of head types – fourteen in fact. Some are bare but the head gear goes from berets (of course!) to trilbies, work caps and other casual head gear to military style side caps. An excellent choice, over all, of weapons and gear.

Sculpting, detail and proportion are great (read what I said about the British Riflemen and all of the same comments apply) and – intriguing­ly – I note that the box is labelled Partisans (1): gosh I do hope they release more of these! Highly Recommende­d.

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