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Star Wars Legion by Fantasy Flight Games has been a big hit over the last couple of years, and with good reason: excellent models and a fun system. Having said that, what a game like that needs is lots of table top scenery and Deep Cut Studio have just released some that you don’t have to paint!

They have a range of five new buildings of which we have seen three to try them out. Called (rather unimaginat­ively) Prepainted Scenery Desert House #1 through #5, they all come packaged in card boxes that, to be frank, struggle a little to contain the models themselves: each substantia­l model is cast in a resin or resin plaster mix (I’m not quite sure and it’s not obvious as the underside of the bases are all painted a flat black. The slightly under-strength boxes only just contain their wares as these are solid lumps of... stuff!)

Each of the structures are roughly square or rectangula­r in plan and all of them are two storied with external steps leading to flat roofs and – in a couple of cases – a smaller third level suitable for a sniper or similar.

They are all painted in a desert yellow sand colour and are festooned with a selection of grills, doorways, pipes and storage boxes, many of which are finished in a very impressive, metallic steel colour which appears to be paint but very neatly applied.

There are some additional features like domes and the odd arch here and there but they are simply very effective models with just enough variation that you could buy the whole set twice over and not notice the repeats. Highly recommende­d.

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