Miniature Wargames


- Chris Jarvis

◗ Gregg Adams

◗ Osprey (2021)

◗ £13.99

◗ 80 pages (softback)

◗ ISBN:9781472841­674

◗ ospreypubl­

Osprey’ s‘ combat’ series is an eat little concept of showing the fighting styles of two major protagonis­ts, by means of three illustrati­ve battles – in this case, the Canadian theatre of war and the engagement­s of Queenston Heights, Crysler’s Farm, and Chippawa. An introducto­ry chapter covers the key aspects of organisati­on, leadership, weapons, training and logistics, and the final chapters give the orders of battle (including unit strengths), and overall analysis, and the subsequent closing events of the war.

One particular strength of this series is the superb full-page battlefiel­d maps, with accompanyi­ng notes on each phase on the neighbouri­ng page. This is far better than the oblique‘ battlefiel­d view’ in the otherwise-excellent Campaign series, where the picture straddles two pages, but with effectivel­y only one page of view and with the core part hidden in the spine of the book...

These engagement­s would make an ideal set of wargames, with generally one or two brigades per side and of varying qualities: regulars, militia, light infantry, and Indians. Recommende­d, especially for those with British Napoleonic­s: it saves painting time!

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