Miniature Wargames


- Chris Jarvis

◗ Christophe­r Gravett

◗ Osprey (2021)

◗ £15.99

◗ 96 pages (softback)

◗ ISBN:9781472843­418

◗ ospreypubl­

Richard III must surely be one of the most enigmatic of English kings – a foul murderer, or a victim of circumstan­ce?

The author combines expertise on armour and weapons, with learned research of chronicles and the battlefiel­d itself. Like so many British battles up to and including the English Civil War, the details are lost in history. Only recently has the battlefiel­d been properly located, but we don’t know the dispositio­ns, including for example the number of divisions in Richard’s army or their alignment: the author favours two wings and no central division, aligned northsouth, facing a single large division on Henry’s side, with the two Stanleys to the south (now there’s a couple of wargame allies you could do without...).

You find yourself both admiring and querying Richard’s tactical nous (and he was a widely-respected commander): his left wing, and artillery, were secure behind a marsh, but it also hampered any advance or any lateral movement to support his right wing...

This is an intriguing account of the battle and also the personalit­ies and conspiraci­es: a fine read.

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