Miniature Wargames


It’s sprue time!


If plastic models are the way forward for wargaming (and, 3d printing aside, things seem to be heading that way) it’s always worth finding a retailer that specialise­s in that very subject: enter The Sprue Shop. They have a very interestin­g inventory of (almost exclusivel­y) plastic wargames kits and they sent in one of the latest releases that they carry from manufactur­er Archon Studio (in the Dungeons & Lasers range). Marduk the Tyrant is a very large, five headed dragon and comes as one of a range of other dragons kits (all retailing at £22.50 a piece). It sports some pretty stunning detail and – because of the styrene – is both light and strong. But it doesn’t stop there: out by now should be fantasy and sci-fi terrain, geodesic ‘corridor kits’ for 28mm (£40) that just shout dungeon forays and Star Grave. This online retailer carries all sorts of plastic goodies from the Perrys to Fireforge, Oathmark and Wargames Atalantic: go to thespruesh­

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