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One of the things I do love about reviewing figures from Antediluvi­an Miniatures is that you genuinely don’t know what’s coming next. A couple of issues ago I looked over everything from a tentacled Alien Astronaut Theorist, a Master Vampire and a three-headed snarling Cerberus in 18th century costume. This time it’s something that could not epitomise those catholic tastes more pointedly.

Papa Diabulus (and Familiar) is... well – no bones about it – a‘Skeletal Pope’. He is fully dressed in robes and does – indeed – have an impressive hat: a mitre,

I guess. He’s carrying a crook-style staff in his left, boney hand and his right hand – a separate casting – is holding a smaller, wand-come-crucifix device (perhaps an un-holy water sprinkler? It’s hard to see in this scale). This device is adorned with bones and a skull motif. Also as a separate casting is that small Familiar in the shape of a child-sized (or‘imp-sized’) skeleton sitting on the ground with its legs crossed and hands in a praying pose. And the odd head spike...

Scaled as 28mm, it – obviously – requires some assembly: the right hand needs sticking in position and it’s a fiddly fit with only a small contact area but is do-able with super glue and some care. The model is cast in metal and is very well detailed and proportion­ed. It comes with a plastic slot base and fits in well with all of the other demonic releases from this manufactur­er (he looks great with the

Baphomet goat demon they already make). Holy recommende­d...

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