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Brigade Models have some more new terrain out with some more in the pipeline. As, ever this is in various scales including 15mm and 1/1000th.

Dealing with that small ‘2mm scale’ size first, there are a slew of releases in – presumably – this manufactur­er’s furious attempts to allow complete European cities to be modelled in very fine resin detail. For example there is a Hamburg Grain Elevator (below, in resin with a metal chimney and £4) plus some other buildings from the same locale (a Tunnel Entrance and a Water Tower); a two part French Chateaux (£2); a rather modern looking Library building with a ten sided structure with a tower behind it (very sixties); and a superb , one piece casting of a star fort: Krzyżtopór Castle – the original of which is in southern Poland. That last item is terribly impressive at over 130mm across it’s largest span and is (judging by photos on the web) a very accurate rendition of the mid 17th century palacecome-fortificat­ion and is priced at £10.

The 15mm releases are a trio of ‘Yurts’. Described as ‘Primitive Dwellings’ they are classic steppes-style tents – two are ‘circular’(actually an eight sided and a ten sided one at 55 and 61mm across their flats) and the largest is vaguely oval at 77mm across the widest point. All feature a door-way or two and display detail on the outside hinting at a lattice-work interior structure under the fabric (or maybe leather) exterior skin. These would be suitable for a wide array of historical and fantasy settings (not to mention ‘glamping’...). Prices vary from £2.50 to £4.50 for the Yurts. Check out Brigade’s website for more informatio­n.

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