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Charles Grant has released the latest hardback in his Refighting History line:

Volume 10 - The Saxon Army at Pirna in 1756. Compared to the last volume that I reviewed in the autumn of 2021, this splendidly produced, A4 hard-back covers a series of “what if”actions set, perhaps unsurprisi­ngly, in the SevenYears War. Having said that – and as the author himself points out on the rear cover notes – they will translate easily to any Horse and Musket period game from“Marlboroug­h to Napoleon and arguably up to the American Civil War”. As astute readers with a memory for content will remember, I ran a previous 18th century scenario of Mr Grant’s (Siege Train in issue 425) as an SF game without any issues so this level of ‘flexibilit­y’ is a given with well produced material such as this.

This volume – which is almost 200 pages long – is I think the best that the author, in tandem with the publisher, has produced so far. There are chapters on Pirna and the Prussian Blockade of the Saxons and some details of Mr Grant’s Saxon armies. So that means lots of very nice pictures of the serried ranks of Mr Grant’s Crann Tara miniatures, all splendidly painted (gratuitous to some but something I do love to see).

Next are ten separate scenarios: Convoy Attack; Attack on a Gun Position; Reinforcem­ents; Who Burned the Bread?; River Resupply; Work Party; See the Light;

Relief Force; and ending with The Breakout 1 and The Breakout 2. All are well illustrate­d with clear, colourful maps and some excellent staged photograph­y of units in action. Diagrams are provided where it’s useful to do so (the arrangemen­t of boats, for example, on the River Resupply scenario) and the work is sprinkled with uniform illustrati­ons for flavour. Finally, there’s a chapter on the Saxon Contingent in the Western Theatre (with more uniform illustrati­ons) and an extensive Bibliograp­hy.

If you’ve previously purchased Grant’s other books in this series, I would imagine you have already ordered this one but – if you are not primarily an 18th century wargamer (as, indeed, I am not) – this would be a great place to start. Recommende­d for pretty much any gamer.

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