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Northstar have recently released a new range of figures. They are a selection of 1/100th scale Dark Age British (or Early Medieval Period). They make a point if saying 18mm in the descriptio­n (which is why I said 1/100th). Sure, the models are an average of 19mm tall but...

The range is actually Wiglaf Miniatures run by Daniel Mersey (of Lion Rampant et al fame) and the models are sculpted by Mark Coppleston­e in a similar style to his fantasy Barbarica range. This first release is called The Age of Penda and are Seventh Century AD Anglo-Saxons. There are – effectivel­y – four packs with Warlords (and followers), Armoured Warriors, Unarmoured Warriors and Skirmisher­s. The first pack – at £5.80 – has eight unique models, whereas the others (at £7.20 a pop) have twelve models of six sculpts which gives enough variation in this scale, I think. The skirmisher­s are split between bowman and spearman with mostly head swaps to differenti­ate them; the armoured chaps are all wearing chain shirts and the unarmoured fellows have a mix of helmets and bare heads.

This range is designed for the wars of Mercia and her enemies, and will expand to include other leaders,Vendel Culture warriors, Welsh and Irish warriors, and cavalry. I really like the style of sculpting (especially the proportion­s) and the detail level and historical accuracy. I also like that the spearmen are all emptyhande­d and will need a wire spear which Northstar are happy to supply separately: their suitable Wire Spears are £6 for twenty.You can also buy army deals with the spears included: for under sixty quid you get 92 figures and the spears.


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