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One might expect a company called Flags of War to produce... well, flags. And you’d be right, although they also make rather a lot more than that and in an intriguing selection of different genres. But... let’s start with the flags.

It’s easy to assume that – in a world of colour home printing and access to the interweb – making (or ‘finding’) flags for armies, especially if you don’t want – or are just not up – to painting them by hand, would be an easy task to achieve. As someone who spent a life time as a graphic designer, I can say that’s definitely not the case: this company’s flags are printed in precise detail with highly saturated colours, on quality paper, and with minimal shading for folds already included in the artwork. This leads to a lifelike result with minimal effort and a sheet of two or three flags for a couple of units is generally £3 and I have to say I think it’s money well spent. A wide range of flags are carried for periods and genres for the last millennium (at the very least) plus some fantasy items.

Underneath those flags, though, you might want some figures. Well – if your taste runs to the 1745 Rebellion (British or Jacobite forces) – you’re in luck. If your fancy strays to‘70s Blaxploita­tion movies or even Sailors that have too much spinach in their diets, you’ll also find a range of excellent figures to compliment your gaming needs, though – unlike the Jacobite ranges – with fewer applicable flag opportunit­ies. There are excellent proportion­s and lots of detail present on the 30mm tall historical figures and the Street Wars and Funky Pop ranges are fun too! Recommende­d.

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