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Anvil Industries sent in a bunch of their new models last month and I assembled a few of the Drop Troops – very much standard SF chaps in hard armour – but this month they have something else: Space Western Gunfighter­s.

Originally released on the Anvil Digital Forge Patreon, they would make ideal troops if you fancy their style for the likes of Stargrave etc. Unlike some models of this kind, they don’t make me instantly think of Firefly (surely, the ‘go to’for space western inspiratio­n) but are a little more general, which is nice.

They sent six bodies, all cast in fine, lightgrey resin, plus sprues of heads, paired arms, weapons and so forth and these assemble up into finished figures which... well it makes it a little hard to deduce how much a figure actually costs because – essentiall­y – you are buying a customisab­le kit. Seven assorted Female Heads in hats are £3.50, as are the same for Make Heads. Five pairs of Female Arms are £3.80 (again, the same with the males) but I had a little trouble telling which was which so they are fairly interchang­eable, I think. Bodies either come as complete torsos (in ‘dusters’: four for £7)’ or as a pair of upper-bodies and legs at £3.30. There’s also strips of rifles and other weapons plus some full characters – the Gunslinger and a Sawbones/Snake Oil Salesman – at £10 to £12 each.

The assembled models are 30mm tall, well proportion­ed, splendidly detailed, with lots of customisat­ion options and they fit together very well for resin kits – specially the head joints. Shiny!

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