Miniature Wargames


- Chris Jarvis

◗ Si Sheppard ◗ Osprey (2022) ◗ £14.99 ◗ 80 pages (softback) ◗ ISBN:9781472845­696 ◗ ospreypubl­

The 9th Century saw the splinterin­g of the Carolingia­n Empire into factions, each seeking overall power rather than tackling the major Viking raids into France (indeed, sometimes using the Vikings to strike rivals).

This book focuses on the 885-886 siege of Paris. The bulk of the text describes the wider background politics, events and personalit­ies throughout the period as a whole, with around 20 pages devoted to the siege itself. The text portrays well the dramatic assaults on the Ile de la Cite. Unfortunat­ely, the maps are unimpressi­ve: the core‘oblique view’of the Paris area is stupidly put on pages 64-65, has the usual Osprey defect of needing to break the spine of the book to see the central action, has no scale, and doesn’t show some of the main places mentioned in the text. A simple one-page ordinary map would do the job far better.

Neverthele­ss, this book would make the basis for an interestin­g multisided campaign, including rival Viking warbands, with widely varying troops ranging from household cavalry to raw citizen militia.

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