Miniature Wargames


- Chris Jarvis

◗ David Lister ◗ Pen and Sword (2021 2nd Edition) ◗ £12.99 ◗ 142 pages (softback) ◗ ISBN:9781399014­328 ◗

Somehow, this author’s quirky style exactly matches the subject matter: namely, examples of quirky guns and (mainly) tanks from the 1920s-1940s that never got beyond initial concept or prototype stage. Most authors would start with a background chapter or two about the principles of tank design, but he rather endearingl­y launches straight into the fabled Japanese heavy tanks, in the first of numerous oddities he has unearthed in years of delving into remote archive material.

Most designers – many of whom were amateurs – sought to achieve one purpose (eg an amphibious capability) but often with little awareness of other key factors such as combat potential. The range here covers a variety of measures – amphibious, remotecont­rol, air-transporta­ble, recoilless, etc, including the work of one or two notable designers such as Martel. There are ‘artist impression­s’ of many of the vehicles, supplement­ed by rare photograph­s where available.

This is probably one for the specialist enthusiast, but it shines a fascinatin­g light into the‘might have beens’of tank developmen­t. A delightful foray into a forgotten world.

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