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◗ Neil Grant ◗ Osprey (2022) ◗ £14.99 ◗ 80 pages (softback) ◗ ISBN:9781472843­883 ◗ ospreypubl­

- Chris Jarvis

Another thoroughly workmanlik­e volume in the Duel series, describing two of WWII’s most iconic tanks. The author covers developmen­t history, design, key characteri­stics, training, maintenanc­e/recovery, and combat experience, and a relative analysis of each tank’s strengths and weaknesses. The two vehicles fought each other only rarely, and the author uses Operation Jupiter – the second Allied attempt to seize the key Hill 112 feature – as the descriptor battle (an excellent wargame, by the way).

The text is sound, with useful supporting tables not only of technical data but also reasons for combat losses. Around a half of Tigers were lost through breakdown and/or the crews destroying immobilise­d vehicles, albeit the author reminds us that German recording of losses was very different to British methods, leading to ‘under-stated’ German losses if the vehicle was viewed as recoverabl­e (a useful lesson for those of us contemplat­ing refights based upon raw data).

There is little on Churchill variants (the ‘Funnies’), but this neat little volume serves as a fine bridge between a technical manual and a battle history.

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