Miniature Wargames



Painting was a matter of just ‘slapping’ the paint on. I used a mix of different acrylic paints applied wet which allows for a more organic colour and finish as the colours blend together better. Once again I ‘washed’ the whole model with a variety of different paints, inks and washes before giving the model a light drybrushin­g with grey acrylic paint to highlight the texture.

Painting the items of ‘clutter’ was done with a fine brush and a steady hand.

The groundwork was painted in a Snakebite Leather colour and then highlighte­d as seen in the earlier models. I have used a matt varnish for the base and a satin varnish for the monolith before decorating the base with flock, static grass and tufts.

The monolith is 95mm tall and 48mm x 48mm square.

It is mounted on a slight rise, built up from scrap plastic card and then on to a plastic card base 110 x 115mm. Of all three models, I think it is the most ominous and possible the most useful as it is truly timeless.

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