Miniature Wargames


And Sally 4th to swash some buckles


Sally 4th have a just released new range of 28mm miniatures for Swashbuckl­ing Adventures. This new ‘venture’ marks the start of a partnershi­p between Sally 4th and Iain Lovecraft to bring Iain’s extensive range of miniatures – previously only available for home printing in resin – to the marketplac­e as metal sculpts. They already have over a hundred miniatures at various stages: as well as more piratical types there are Romans (soldiers, civilians and gladiators), Conquistad­ores, Mayans, Normans and fantasy subjects to come. Proportion­s and detail are excellent: they stand about 30mm tall and come with a nicely textured, wooden ‘planking’ MDF base. So far they have staples such as Calico Jack; Anne Bonny; Barborossa; Mary Read and a female standard bearer (Black Hearted Kate!) all at £4 each; plus there are extras like packs of Swivel Guns and Medium Naval Cannon. Go to their site at wargamesbu­ for further info.

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