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This month we spoke to Oliver who had been miniature gaming for twelve years. What got him started? “I first got into miniature gaming when I was given a set of Operation Warboard, and my first armies were unpainted 1/72 plastic soldiers. Since then my collection­s have grown across scales, including 15mm and 28mm, and across periods, from the Punic Wars to D-Day, and even Age of Sigmar.

I struggle to find a historical period that does not interest me enough to not wargame it! In recent years I have mainly focused on painting 28mm WW2 figures, particular­ly German and British forces for France and Operation Sealion 1940.

“Recently I have finished painting a Fairmile D from Warlord Games for their Cruel Seas rules. The ships for Cruel Seas are 6mm – roughly 1/300th – and smaller than anything I had painted before. Additional­ly, the colour palette – focused more on greys – was unlike any of my previous projects. Convincing­ly weathering a ship also required a different approach to tanks and other vehicles, so I was interested to try something new.

“The deck was painted Vallejo Dark Sea Blue, while the bridge and guns were painted Medium Sea Grey, and parts of the hull painted Sky Grey.

After that I washed the whole model Agrax Earthshade and then reapplied the base colours, leaving gaps in the recesses. The crew uniform was painted Prussian Blue and the life jackets Yellow Ochre, again leaving gaps in the recesses to give some depth to the figures. The flesh was painted Flat Flesh and the helmets Off-White.

“The shark motif was intimidati­ng to start with but I proceeded carefully, step-by-step. Initially I painted the basic shape using thinned down Abbadon Black. Then I applied Mephiston Red over the black, leaving a small black outline. To do the teeth, I painted the base outline in thinned Off-White, and – once I was happy with the basic shape – I carefully filled in the teeth. To weather the ship I used a thinned 50:50 mix of Gryphound Orange and Gore Grunta Fur applied from the portholes downwards to simulate a build up of rust. This weathering mix was also applied in some of the recesses on the gun decks and the bridge to break up the grey. To finish off the boat I applied one of the included flags, by first gluing the ends together with a little bit of PVA, leaving a hole for the flag to be stuck onto the pole with super glue. The whole model was sprayed with matt varnish to protect the model.

“My next project will be the Italian Regina Marina ships to face the Royal Navy, which have impressive looking red and white hazard strips on the hull which I am hoping to replicate!”

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