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Elsewhere in this issue you will find an article using the Albedo164 system by Sally 4th. They also sent in some of the latest releases for this range which

– I will confess – rather confused me. Not just because they follow the usual anthropomo­rphic domestic animal approach (and not so domestic: these have Lion and Hedgehog headed bipeds, amongst others...) but because they now appear to be in different scales. I have models marked as ‘large frame’ and ‘small frame’. But maybe they are just big creatures? My Lion sample is around 40mm tall (when you stick his head on) whereas the Shrew and Rat sample are about 25mm and are appropriat­ely slender. Standard figures – like the EDF Spacers – are about 32mm so... I’m not really sure if I’m dealing with big critters or something else.

Moving on, what they have recently released as miniatures not only work within their own rule set and background but would make useful crews for the likes of Stargrave so – with that in mind - I’ll start with the EDF Spacers: eight figures in the set with separate heads and weapons (Shotgun, Machine, Pistol, Grenade, Launcher, Rifle etc) and slot bases. Heads (a random selection of animals in caps) come with a neck that finishes in a pin that locates in a hole in the body. £30.

Other packs vary from the Zero G Suits pack in space suits with a hole underneath the air tanks for a base so that they can ‘float’. £27 gets you six of these: three with helmets and three with bare heads and arm options (including penguin flippers...). And there’s a pair of Large Frame Spacers (a Horse and a Bear) which are noted as being 120% size of standard miniatures and which are £12. That’s quite a series of options!

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