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We first saw Anschluss Wargames at Salute last year and - since then – they have been steadily producing a range of rules, scenarios and – now – resin vehicles and they’ve sent in the latest items for review.

I’m going to start with the vehicles. The whole point of the range is to hit the 12mm WWII market (supported for many years by Pendraken in metal and now

Victrix in styrene). The first releases from Anschluss are in fine grey resin in what I must assume is direct, 3D printing. The reason I say that is that the first of the models

I looked at – the Churchill AVRE (£4.50) – has only four components (two halves of a bridge, the turret and... well the rest) and all of the detail is very finely reproduced. When I say “all the detail” I mean that – before paint – I can actually assemble both halves of the folded bridge (using just a perfect, friction fit) into a finished item. Astonishin­g detail and fit and zero effort to build.

The rest of the models are either one piece, where extras aren’t needed, or with a separate turret with – (like the Ostwind) a gun to stick in position: useful if you want to model the Ostwind firing at ground targets. The models are Panzer II Luchs (£3.25);

Austin K6 Gantry Lorry (£3.75); Chevy LRDG truck + Breda cannon (£3.25); and that

Flakpanzer IV Ostwind 37mm AA gun (£3.50). It’s worth just saying that all gun barrels are quite thin but still moderately strong and the detail is superb. I can also see other models on the website, namely a Horch 108 Staff Car; Sdkfz 9 ‘Famo’ Recovery Halftrack; Opel Maultier Flak 20mm Flak38; and Churchill ARK. They are obviously aiming at unusual AFVs, specialist vehicles and softskins.

Then there’s the latest supplement­s. I’m going to concentrat­e on the Forgotten Battles in Russia 1942: Volume 1. Subtitled The Year of Indecision, it is designed to cover the War in the East in 1942 everywhere else other than Stalingrad... Most gamers do tend to concentrat­e on the big set pieces (who doesn’t like a ‘big arrow’ on a map?), but this aims to go a little wider and in its 90 or so pages of A4 soft-bound, there are a splendid variety of army details and scenario types (keyed, of course, to Anchluss’ own The War on the Ground rules but which could be used with any period ruleset). These include Izyum Bridge; Operation Vogelsang; the Volkhov Offensive; Operation Mars; the Battle of the

Luchesa River Valley and much more.

In total there are 19 detailed scenarios aimed at forces in various sizes from Company to Battalion level.

Production values for the book hit an interestin­g sweet spot. There are lots of period photos and diagrams and maps for scenarios (all in mono) and I do like the AFV stat ‘cards’ printed in the book with a silhouette of the vehicle which aids with recognitio­n, but (rear cover aside) the book isn’t swamped with modelling fun or inspiratio­nal wargames shots (which – bearing in mind the quality of the models – is a bit of a shame but... there we are!). Price for the scenario book is £21.50 and it should be out by the time you read this. I think that – talking of sweet spots – 12mm WWII has a lot to recommend it, scale wise. Highly recommende­d.

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