Miniature Wargames


- Chris Jarvis

◗ Iain MacGregor

◗ Osprey (2022)

◗ £7.99

◗ 128 pages (softback)

◗ ISBN:9781472850­119

◗ ospreypubl­

This nifty little A5 landscape-format book gives a thumbnail sketch of 30 engagement­s – including several naval ones – in the American Civil War. Each has four pages, with an artist’s impression (from the correspond­ing Osprey main title), a couple of illustrati­ons of men or equipment, and around an A4 page’s worth of text. Actions range in size from 3rd Day Gettysburg, to Glorieta Pass with a few hundred troops per side.

The text is sometimes ambiguous, so some actions are a little difficult to follow, but overall this gives a wide sweep of the war in an attractive (and well-priced) format. However, there are no maps and no outline orders of battle, which limits severely its value to wargamers. Bearing in mind that most of the engagement­s have been culled from other Ospreys, it should have been possible to substitute a smallscale map, plus a simple table showing numbers of troops by arm of service and the losses, in lieu of the minor illustrati­ons in each four-page slice? It makes a useful painting guide though.

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