Why Forced Per­spec­tive?

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You might be won­der­ing if it’s this much trou­ble, why bother with forced per­spec­tive at all? Well, I have two very spe­cific rea­sons why I want to go down this road, and maybe you’ll feel in­spired to try it too. Rea­son one: I want to model in 1:43 scale, but I only have 4ft by 2ft to play with. Rea­son two: look no fur­ther than Kevin Wil­son’s mag­nif­i­cent ‘ Bucks Hill’ (right). It was Paul Bam­brick who im­ple­mented forced per­spec­tive into the lay­out. Kevin told me that the area be­hind the sta­tion exit has a depth of only two inches, but Paul modelled it to ap­pear to be at least 1ft deep! Paul re­vealed the idea be­hind this method: “You want to match the di­min­ish­ing size of ob­jects un­til they fade away into the sky­line - stick­ing to one scale can work against you when mak­ing scenery, it’s some­thing you can of­ten do away with.” I have a third rea­son for do­ing this: why not? Surely the fun of mod­el­ling is in the process, not the re­sult. Of course I like to sit back and mar­vel at the fin­ished

ar­ti­cle, but as a mod­eller, I spend

most of my time do­ing, and if do­ing is your thing, then push­ing the bound­aries and tack­ling a chal­lenge shouldn’t be a painful process.

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