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When it comes to mod­el­ling, most of us are bet­ter at some things than oth­ers. How­ever, re­mem­ber that mak­ing mis­takes and learn­ing from them is part of the fun. Mis­takes are of­ten the best way to im­prove your mod­el­ling prow­ess - no­body be­comes a first class base­board car­pen­ter, track­layer, track plan­ner, minia­ture ar­chi­tect or scenic ex­pert overnight. Pa­tience is an es­sen­tial qual­ity for rail­way mod­ellers. If you are start­ing to feel a lit­tle weary of mod­el­ling, why not em­brace the chal­lenge of try­ing your hand at some­thing new? There is al­ways some­thing new to learn!

The rail is now tinned and ready for the wire, so let’s pre­pare the wire to be sol­dered to the rail next:

Strip about 12mm of wire (about ½in) and twist it tightly. Put a lit­tle flux on the wire. Take a lit­tle of the sol­der onto the iron tip and ap­ply it to the fluxed wire. Again, the sol­der will flow im­me­di­ately. Re­move the iron as soon as it flows. As an ex­per­i­ment, try this with and with­out flux. Even though the sol­der may have flux in it, you will be amazed how much bet­ter the flow is with the ad­di­tion of more flux. Snip the end off the tinned wire to leave a tidy end, then bend the end of the tinned area 90° so it’s in an ‘L’ shape, with the bent por­tion about 3mm long.

Bring the rail and the wire to­gether:

Add more flux to the tinned rail. Add a small amount of sol­der to the iron. Hold the ‘L’-shaped end of the wire against the tinned area of the rail. Ap­ply the sol­der­ing iron to the joint and re­move the iron as soon as sol­der flows. Count to three and let go of the wire. You are now well on the way to be­ing a sol­der­ing ex­pert. You now have a per­fect sol­der joint be­tween rail and wire. You can use this tech­nique for sol­der­ing all sorts of things - sol­der­ing wire to rail, as­sem­bling brass kits, mak­ing track… in fact all the sol­der­ing jobs as­so­ci­ated with a layout. With a lit­tle prac­tice you will soon find sol­der­ing eas­ier than us­ing glue!

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