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The ‘B’ unit was built al­most ex­actly the same way, even though it’s much shorter (in model form, I worked it out to be about 20mm shorter) and it has solid doors in the cen­tre, as op­posed to cage doors. The in­ner end also fea­tures a hose pipe and reel, which I think is to ex­tin­guish any fires caused by the grind­ing. A lot of the roof de­tail is dif­fer­ent and an­other pe­cu­liar­ity is that this unit is lower than the other (about 2mm on the model). I stud­ied dozens of pho­to­graphs to con­firm this dif­fer­ence and I still don’t un­der­stand why it’s like that. Surely, it could have been made in the same way, for the sake of aes­thet­ics? I placed a cou­pling hook on the front of this unit, as it was not pos­si­ble on the ‘A’ unit, due to the block that pro­trudes from un­der­neath. I made my own de­cals us­ing Crafty Com­puter Pa­per.


Lo­ram Sch­weer­bau SPML rail grinder DR79201-A and DR79201-B rests in the yard at Did­cot Park­way on May 2 2011. The dif­fer­ence in length and height of both cars is clear to see; these dif­fer­ences cer­tainly don’t im­prove the ma­chine’s un­con­ven­tional looks!

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