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Any­one who has ever tried drilling out axle bear­ing holes in RTR stock, in or­der to in­sert brass bear­ing cups, will know how much of a pain the job can be. The op­po­site axle­guard or bo­gie side frame pre­vents the drill bit from ap­proach­ing the hole hor­i­zon­tally and other chas­sis fit­tings in­vari­ably get in the way. This in­no­va­tive new tool from Knowle Wagon Works re­moves most of the has­sle from the task, al­low­ing ac­cu­rate 2mm di­am­e­ter holes to be drilled to the re­quired depth. Con­sist­ing of two hexag­o­nal brass sec­tions, con­nected by a screw thread, the length of the unit can be freely ad­justed to sit within the frames. A 2mm twist drill bit pro­trudes from one end and it can be ex­tended or with­drawn by means of a tiny grub screw and Allen key (sup­plied), pro­vid­ing a sim­ple and ef­fec­tive depth gauge. As the drill be­gins to cut into the plas­tic side­frame, while the tool is be­ing ro­tated, the two parts can be grad­u­ally twisted apart to take up the slack. Once the drill has cut to the re­quired depth, the tool is closed up and re­moved, be­fore flip­ping it over and treat­ing the op­po­site axle bear­ing hole in the same way. The installati­on of brass ‘top hat’ or plain axle bear­ings, along with su­pe­rior metal wheels on pin­point axles, is a sure way to im­prove the per­for­mance - and pro­long the life - of RTR rolling stock. This tool of­fers you a wel­come help­ing hand in this en­deav­our, not least if you’re plan­ning on in­stalling ‘EM’ or ’P4’ wheelsets, with their slightly longer axles. Highly rec­om­mended. (GD)

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